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The following words and phrases used in these terms and conditions have the meanings set out below.

“auction” means the process of buying and selling products, via our services, by offering them up for bids, taking bids, and then selling the item to the highest bidder


“auction period” means the period of an auction that we agree with the relevant seller following the end of the upcoming auction period, or in the absence of such agreement the period of 7 days following the end of the upcoming auction period


“automobilia” means things relating to motor vehicles, including collectable objects associated with motor vehicles or the history of motoring


“bid” means an offer to purchase a vehicle or automobilia at a specified (and “bidder” shall be construed accordingly”)


“business seller”


means any seller which, through our services, offers products or to consumers for purposes relating to the seller’s trade, business, craft or profession




means a person who has registered with our services and places the highest bid on a lot during the relevant auction period; or, during a purchase now period, agrees to buy the lot at the published price


“buyer’s premium” means an amount equal to the greater of: (a) 3% of the sale price; and (b) the applicable minimum buyer’s premium (plus any applicable VAT due to us)


“contract date”


means, in the case of lots sold by auction, the end of the auction period and, in the case of lots sold during the purchase now period, the date upon which the buyer commits to purchasing the lot




means all the information relating to a lot that is published through our services


“lot” means a vehicle, automobilia or other items related to a vehicle offered for sale at auction and/or during a purchase now period


“minimum buyer’s premium”


means an amount equal to: (a) with respect to lots consisting of or including vehicles: GBP 300 in the case of sales in GBP, or EUR 300 in the case of sales in EUR, or USD 300 in the case of sales in USD; and (b) with respect to other lots: GBP 150 in the case of sales in GBP, or EUR 150 in the case of sales in EUR, or USD 150 in the case of sales in USD


“our services”


means our website and the online auction platform services and other services we make made available through our website


“our website”


means the website we publish at and any successor website we may publish from time to time


“purchase now period”


means, with respect to a lot that does not sell during the auction period, the period starting at the end of the auction period and ending 7 days (or such other period as we may agree with the seller in writing) after


“reserve price”


means the reserve price that we agree with a seller with respect to a lot; a successful bidder must bid the reserve price at a minimum


“sale price”


means, with respect to auctions, the final hammer price for a lot, and with respect to purchases, the published purchase price




means a person who has registered with our services and request that we make available one or more lots for auction and/or sale through our services, whether acting as principal or agent


“upcoming auction period”


means, with respect to a lot, the period starting when the listing for the lot is published on our website and ending at the start of the auction period (being a period of 7 days or such other period as we may agree with the seller in writing)


“your content” means: (a) with respect to sellers, all lot and listings material that you supply to us; and (b) all other all works and materials (including without limitation text, graphics, images, audio material, video material, audio-visual material, scripts, software and files) that you submit to us or our services for processing, storage, transmission, publication or any other use


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