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  • Does The Garage Queen ensure the highest price is achieved at auction?

    Whilst we cannot guarantee that record prices are achieved in every auction, we do promise to deliver the highest level of service to you and ensure we utilise our extensive marketing skills to advertise your listing. Your listing will be advertised to a wider global audience of fellow car enthusiasts and marketed through relevant websites and our rapidly growing social media presence. In addition to this our incredibly low buyers fee accompanied by an honest yet detailed listing will attract any serious buyer/collector to bid on your listing.

    Rest assured your Garage Queen will sell and find a new home!

  • Can I disclose the reserve to bidders?

    By revealing this information you will unintentionally jeopardize the auction and fail to achieve the maximum selling price. You should not discuss this or disclose this to anyone, even if someone asks this in the comment section, however be prepared to respond to bidders with any questions that are not related to the reserve.

  • What happens at the end of the auction?

    At the end of the auction the buyer will need to pay the 3% premium to The Garage Queen, which will be deducted from their registered credit card. Please note this is not a security deposit on the car, but the fee for using our platform. The seller and buyer will be introduced after the auction and the buyer will need to make payment in full before the seller releases the item.

  • What happens if I make a deal outside of the Auction?

    This is strictly forbidden and will result in a ban from the platform for sellers and buyers. All auctions will be moderated to ensure this does not happen. We must reiterate that this rule is also to protect the interests of buyers and sellers.

  • Who can bid on my auction?

    Only registered users of our platform who have been verified will be eligible to bid on your auction. Fabricating bids from other users or increasing the bids in your favour by you or a friend is strictly prohibited. If The Garage Queen suspects this behaviour and a real bidder misses out on the lot as a result, you (the seller) will be responsible for covering all the costs incurred by The Garage Queen. If it is also found that you have manipulated the final selling price from a real bidder, then the bidder will have the choice to walk away from purchasing the auction lot and the seller will be liable for the cost to The Garage Queen. You will also be in breach of the Terms and Conditions and as a result will be banned from the platform in the future and will be pursued for committing fraud.

  • What happens if I decide not to sell my car after it has sold in the auction?

    Once a car has reached its reserve, then you are required to honour and sell the car to the highest bidder.

  • What happens if I choose to withdraw my listing?

    If your auction listing has been approved and is live in the “upcoming auctions” section then you cannot withdraw. At this point if you choose to withdraw then you are obligated to pay our buyer’s premium in accordance with our terms and conditions (under part 2 Auctions and Purchases – Auction Process), which will be calculated on the agreed reserve price or if none then it would be our minimum cost of £300 or the local currency of where the auction lot is for sale.

  • Do you visit my car?

    We do not visit your car to review it as we rely on modern IT and photography to get a deep understanding of your car, but if you are close to our offices you could always pass through and show us your car from one enthusiast to another.

  • Who approves the auction listing?

    Before the auction goes live the seller will have a chance to review the write up and ensure that the write up is a fair and accurate description of the auction lot. The go live date of the auction can be discussed and agreed at this point.

  • Do you recommend making the auction lot available for viewings?

    Yes, whilst many people on the site will be willing to purchase a car without viewing and will take comfort in the pictures, videos and description. There will be buyers who wish to inspect a car in person before the end of the auction.

    Both buyers and sellers must comply with our terms and conditions and not attempt to complete a deal outside of the auction. If a sale is agreed – the seller will be obligated to cover the cost of the 3% premium that would have been due to The Garage Queen based on the reserve price agreed or if there was no reserve then our minimum charge of £300 (see fees below)

  • What if the comments posted are inaccurate or unfair?

    The team at The Garage Queen will moderate all the comments and allow for constructive comments, but if you feel they mis-represent your listing then please contact us.

  • What do I do once my auction is live?

    You should actively monitor your auction in case registered users ask a question – you will receive an email notification when this happens prompting you to login and respond. We also encourage you to share your auction to friends, family and social media.

  • How do you ensure the users are serious and tyre-kickers are removed?

    Our platform is designed to attract the highest quality of buyers and sellers alike. We have adopted a model to ensure time-wasters are eliminated from the process.

    • Any bidder who opens an account will need to verify their account with a registered credit card and additional checks are conducted in the background to confirm the identity of the user.
    • Bidders can ask questions and engage with the seller through the comments section. In addition, viewings can be arranged when the auction is live.
    • Winning bidders will need to pay their buyers premium immediately and make payment to the seller within 7 days of the auction ending.
    • Our honest and comprehensive write up will provide transparency to the bidder and ensure that they are comfortable and know exactly what they are bidding on.
    • Any account that is suspected of manipulating auctions or foul play will be suspended indefinitely.
  • Can I set a reserve or a minimum selling price for the auction lot?

    The seller does have the option to request a reserve, however the value of the reserve should be realistic and agreed with The Garage Queen team to ensure maximum selling opportunity.

    The seller can reduce or withdraw the reserve during the live auction, but will need to by written notice to The Garage Queen. The seller cannot increase the reserve without our prior written consent.

    The Garage Queen reserves the right to make up the price difference between the highest bid and the reserved price if the highest bid does not meet the reserve price.

  • What is the process to submit an item for auction?

    Cars, plates and automobilia can be submitted for consideration via our sell with us page.
    A member of the team will review the item and contact you to collect more information before a final decision is given for the approval of the item.

  • How much does it cost to sell on The Garage Queen?

    Good news! There is absolutely no cost to the seller and the seller will receive the final winning bid price for the item sold.

  • Buying
  • Can I bid on the auction if I'm outside of the UK or USA?

    Yes, you will be billed in the local currency of where the auction lot is located e.g UK = GBP, USA = USD, Europe = Euro

    If you do win the auction it will be the buyers responsibility to arrange for shipping and paying any local taxes. The Garage Queen does not arrange this on your behalf, but we are happy to recommend local partners to assist.

  • What is the Purchase Now option?

    The Purchase Now option is usually for cars/automobilia who have gone through the auction process and will be offered to purchase instantly at the price the seller was hoping to achieve.

    Occasionally sellers will listen to offers close to the asking price and this will be within the description, but you should make contact with us to submit your offer. From time to time a seller may choose to sell automobilia directly in the Purchase Now section.

  • Why do I have to register my Debit card/Credit card?

    In order to create a safe and trusted environment every user is required to register their card details before they can place a bid or comment on an auction.

  • Does the buyer's premium include storage?

    Unfortunately we do not cover any storage costs nor is the seller responsible for keeping your auction lot in storage. Payment, collection or delivery should be arranged immediately.

  • Does the buyer's premium include delivery?

    Unfortunately not, however if you require delivery of your auction lot we can recommend trustworthy, reliable delivery services who partner with The Garage Queen to deliver your auction at an additional cost.

  • What if the auction lot has been misrepresented and has imperfections not listed?

    The Garage Queen does take reasonable care to ensure what we list as an auction is true and not misleading, however it is the full responsibility of the seller to confirm the honest accuracy of the auction. Upon bidding we advise you to read the description thoroughly and review all the pictures provided, including any paperwork, as well as conduct your own checks. It will be the sole responsibility of the bidder to ensure that you are satisfied with all elements of the auction lot before bidding.

    Auction lot’s sold by trade sellers do fall under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, and must be in compliance with the requirements of this act. If you would like to understand your consumer rights, please refer to the Citizens Advice Website.

  • What if the car does not sell or reach the reserve price?

    If the auction lot does not sell, we extend the option to the seller to relist the car in the “Purchase Now” section at their discretional reserve price.

  • What happens at the end of the auction if I am the successful winner?

    At the end of the auction the successful winner will automatically have 3% buyers fee deducted from the registered credit card. Upon the completion of this payment the successful winner will be introduced to the seller to conclude the transaction and arrange for collection of their item.

  • Can I retract my bid?

    When you place a bid, a notification will appear asking you to confirm you are happy to proceed with your bid. At this point if you proceed with your bid you are fully responsible for paying the 3% buyers’ premium as listed in our fees section and our T&C’s.

  • Can I find out the reserve?

    All auctions will be sold with a reserve unless specifically stated at the start of the auction with “No Reserve”.

    Once the reserve has been met the live auction will state this next to the current highest bid.

  • Can I arrange a viewing of the auction lot?

    Yes – You can contact us and we will happily arrange for you to view the auction lot.

    Buyers and sellers shall under no circumstance engage in conducting deals outside of the platform.

    If The Garage Queen finds either party attempting to do so, then this will result in an immediate ban from the platform.

  • Can I contact the seller to ask questions when the auction is live?

    If you have a question you can post it as a comment – this provides total transparency for other interested parties and avoids duplicate queries.

  • How much does it cost to buy an auction lot on The Garage Queen?

    The Garage Queen will charge the winning bidder 3% premium for Cars, Motorbikes, and Plates (as listed in our fees section). Automobilia and car parts will be subject to 10% buyers premium. Please note there are no hidden or administrative fees on top of this from The Garage Queen. The whole amount of the winning bid will be paid to the seller within 7 days of the auction ending in order for the item to be released as listed in our terms and conditions.

  • Common faq
  • What are The Garage Queen’s Terms and Conditions?

    Our Terms and Conditions can be viewed here

  • What are the buyer's premium fees?

    Our buyers fees can be found here

  • How do you ensure the winning bidder does not walk away from the auction?

    In conjunction with our Terms and conditions bidding on an auction becomes legally binding. Anyone who signs up to the platform and bids on an auction will go through a verification process to ensure that they are not a time waster or tyre kicker. Bidders are encouraged to view the auction during the live auction, but should a bidder walk away and not pay the outstanding balance, then the seller has full right to claim the money via legal avenues.

  • What happens if I bid in the final minute?

    If a bid is placed in the final 2 minutes of an auction, then by default the timer is automatically extended by an additional 2 minutes. By doing this it eliminates last second sniping and allows bidders a fair amount of time to place their bids. Our sophisticated software will allow for absentee bidding, so that you can place your maximum bid way in advance of the auction ending.

  • How long will it take for my consignment to be reviewed, approved and put on auction?

    The process is smooth and quick, after approving the consignment we will arrange for a photographer to come and take professional photos. Once we have the photos we can commence the process of marketing your auction, before we put the item through to a 7 day auction.

  • How long are the auctions?

    Auctions will be live for 7 days. From our experience we have found that cars who have a sensible reserve or no reserve typically attract more bidders and achieve the highest selling price.

  • Notes & Guide
  • Please note

    Note Content

  • How we use your registration?

    Although we have displayed your registration number here, it will not appear within the advert copy unless you enter it within the advert copy yourself. The registration number is only used to help us verify your advert and to populate some of the manufacturer details.

  • Auction Fees

    Auction Fees % Minimum Maximum
    Cars 3% 300 3000
    Motorbikes 3% 300 3000
    Number Plates 3% 300 3000
    Parts 10%
    Automobilia 10%
    Currency Auction lot will be billed in the local currency of the item (GBP, USD, EURO)