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Featured: Push it to the limit – The BMW E39 M5

Push it to the limit – The BMW E39 M5

Photography by: Henry Jackson       Article by: G.D.S

Photography by: Henry Jackson      
Article by: G.D.S

Date Posted: February 16, 2023

"Push it to the limit!" If ever there were a slogan which could have been coined for the M5, this should be it! The E39 M5 is truly a special car being part of the holy grail of BMW M. Considered by many to be one of the best M cars ever made, it has indubitably earned its place in the history books., and this stunning Oxford Green with Individual extended heritage champagne leather from 2000 is a one of one example, which is quite simply stunning.

Originally launched in 1984 under the E28 model, and then followed by the BMW E34 M5 in 1988, BMW waited 10 years to launch the E39 in 1998: and for good reason, as at launch the E39 was dubbed the ' world's fastest saloon'. Powered by a naturally aspirated 4.9 litre V8 with 394bhp that manages 0-60mph in around 5 seconds (although BMW quoted 5.2 seconds), most motoring journalists have repeatedly quoted 4.8 seconds. The E39 came to market at a cost of £52,000, which in todays world would be £81,640 and was only ever available with a Getrag six-speed manual gearbox.

To help further solidify its title as the 'worlds fastest saloon', in 2000 BMW released a very clever commercial dubbed the 'Rocket Commercial'. The short clip was featured in cinemas and TV stations around the world, and continues to put a smile on any BMW enthusiasts' face over 20 years later.

The E39 M5 is 18cm shorter in comparison to the current M5 and 6cm lower in height, with a curb weight of 3,995 pounds (1,795kg). As for the inside, it was designed with space and comfort in mind, with plenty of features that still make it very practical and useable for modern day driving.

If one timeless commercial weren't enough, BMW decided to take it one step further, and in 2001 hired famous director Guy Ritchie to direct a commercial starring singer Madonna and Hollywood actor Clive Owen to showcase the E39 M5. The short clip was called 'Star' and introduced the shift of using commercials online to focus on selling cars.

The commercial begins with focus on Clive Owen from inside the E39 M5, but the first glimpse of the actual car is not until 1 minute 49 seconds, and again at 3 minutes 8 seconds, the real action kicks in at 4 minutes 28 seconds!

In todays world prices of the E39 M5 range from £20,000 to £40,000 and some extremely clean well preserved examples command £60,000.

A total of 20,482 E39 M5's were made of which 2595 RHD examples were built with roughly 1600-1800 making it in to the UK. However it's fair to say this Oxford Green example is as rare as they come.

With the resurgence of green making a comeback and being the 'in' colour, this example is highly desirable and is aimed at the modern gentleman - the Oxford Green with extended Individual champagne leather combination, along with the perfect plate reading M5 OXFD couldn't be more apt, and has aged like a fine wine over time, becoming a timeless classic.

According to the numbers 61 Oxford Green examples were produced by BMW globally in RHD. Despite being a colour that they have used for decades, this shade of Green should not be confused with British Racing Green, and, unknown to most people BMW have two versions of Oxford Green, one with paint code 324 (often referred to as Oxford Green One) and the later version with paint code 430 (often referred to as Oxford Green Two) that was introduced in 2000, with this example being the latter. If ever you find yourself in a BMW quiz night, here is a good fact to remember: out of the 61 Oxford Green examples 21 were Oxford Green One and 40 were Oxford Green Two!

The lucky owner has understandably said he will never sell the car, but you are more than welcome to admire this beauty on his instagram page @oxfordgreenmetallic where he often showcases his car up and down the United Kingdom and across Europe.

Rolled out of the factory in September 2000 this is number 14 amongst the facelift examples in RHD worldwide and would have been the ideal car for any business man attending meetings or driving about in town.

Labelled by many as the perfect 'sleeper car' for that era, it's easy to imagine that the first owner of this car would have had fine taste in cars, cigars, fancy restaurants and watches.

Parked outside one of London's finest establishments, the E39 M5 still looks the part 25 years after first launching.

Equipped with a quad exhaust from factory, this example maintains its original exhaust, which is not over-bearing and brings just the right amount of noise so as not to disturb your neighbours. It maintain's that classy gentleman vibe, whilst also acting as a nice reminder to you when driving, knowing you have all that power at your disposal.

To add to the uniqueness of this E39 M5, it was specced out from factory with protective glazing (option code S357), which has a layer of polycarbonate laminate in the outer glass and is one of the rarest options on an E39 M5. Protective glazing is similar to a shatterproof windscreen, and additionally acts as a safety device to prevent thieves from breaking the window with ease, as it takes quite a few blows to be able to successfully break the glass. The picture below shows the window down and gives you an idea of how thick the glass really is - it's fair to say these cars were built to last forever.

Inspired by the BMW commercials, we decided to make our own little video and pay homage to this worthy timeless classic!

When you think of a BMW E39 M5 the term 'icon' should come to mind - this revolutionary car showcased to the world that a saloon car can have supercar speeds, and yet be practical for everyday driving. Nearly 25 years since it was first launched we are now realising the true value of this car and how good it really is.

The M5 deservedly belongs in the same category as the BMW 2002 or the E30 M3, in terms of iconic status and changing the status quo, but it's not until you are privileged enough to sit in one or drive one that you understand just how great this car is, and take my word for it, every moment of it is absolute driving pleasure!

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