Seller obligations

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Sellers must ensure that listings for lots are true, fair, current, complete and accurate in all respects. A seller must notify us immediately if the seller becomes aware of any listing that does not comply with this requirement.

If you are a seller, you warrant to us that you are legally entitled, under all applicable laws, to auction and sell any product that you request we make available for auction and/or sale through our services, whether as principal or agent; and that you are legally entitled to sell such products with full title guarantee, free from all encumbrances, liens, charges and claims (including those relating to third party finance for the lot).

Sellers also warrant to us that they have complied and will comply with all applicable laws affecting a lot and relating to the import and export of the lot, and the taxation and payment of duties with respect to the lot.

We may at any time require that a seller supplies evidence of the seller’s bona fides and/or ownership of any lot including, in the case of vehicles, logbook copies. A seller must provide the requested evidence within 7 days following the date of our request.

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